Myanmar has strong history of art and cultural inter-relation to Mon, the second major ethnic group in the country. Suvannabumi was a well-known capital of Mon and it was famous for its talented artists and skilled architects.


1967 : Born in Yangon, Myanmar


Studied Under

U Lun Gywe



2013 : Napri Puja, Ernst & Young Asean Art Outreach, Singapore

2010 : Sketches from Anyar, Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2010 : Sketches from The West, International Business Centre, Yangon

2009 : Ancient Woman, Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2008 : Anyein, Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2007 : Unmask, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong

2007 : Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chiang Mai University

           Art Museum,    Thailand

2007 : Burmese American Art Exchange, American Centre,

           Yangon, Myanmar

2006 : Dancers, Gallery Plan B, Palm Beach, Florida, United States

2006 : The Quiet Wind, Togonon Gallery, San Francisco, United States

2006 : Myanmar Art Exhibition, Dhara Dhevi Hotel, Chaing Mai, Thailand

2006 : Myanmar Beauties, River Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar

2005 : Collages, Sedona Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

2005 : Collages, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong

2002 : Asian Art Award 2002 Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia

2002 : Collaborate Exhibition with Elizabeth Magill, British Council,

           Yangon, Myanmar

2002 : Oriental Movement-2 with Katya Tyshler, Summit Parkview Hotel,

           Yangon, Myanmar

2002 : Myanmar Art Exhibition, Envoy Hall, Yangon, Myanmar

2001 : Small-2, Pranato Gallery, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

2001 : Oriental Movement-1 with Katya Tyshler, Beikthano Galleriery,

           Yangon, Myanmar

2000 : Girls, Emerald Hill Gallery, Singapore

2000 : Dancers, Asian Contemporary Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2000 : Asean Art Award 2000 Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2000 : Nudes, By Contemporary Myanmar Artists, Beikthano Galleriery,

           Yangon, Myanmar

1999 : A Series of Portraits, Lokanat Art Galleries, Yangon, Myanmar

1998 : National Art Exhibition, National Museum, Yangon, Maynmar

1995 : Singapore Art Exhibition Imm Building, Singapore

Nay Myo Say