Myanmar has strong history of art and cultural inter-relation to Mon, the second major ethnic group in the country. Suvannabumi was a well-known capital of Mon and it was famous for its talented artists and skilled architects.


1953 : Born in  Myingyan, Myanmar.



1970 : Studied painting at Mandalay Fine Art State School.



2013 : SAY Art Exhibition, Suvannabhumi Art Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2011 : Exhibition at Strand Hotel, River Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.

2010 : Exhibition at Osage Gallery, Singapore.

2009 : Exhibition at Suvanabhumi Art Gallery in Chiang Mai,Thailand.

2006 : Myanmar Contemporary Artists Group Show, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2005 : The Myanmar Modern of Contemporary Art, Group Show, Singapore.

2003 : Exhibition at Tha Yar Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.

2001 : Oriental Curtain, Varcaus Art Museum, Varcaus, Finland.

1999 : Oriental Curtain, Galleries in Cologne, Germany.

1999 : Philip Morris Group of Companies, ASEAN Art Awards, Malaysia.

1999 : Fukuoka Asian Art Festival, Japan.

1998 : Imaging Selves, Permanent Collection Show, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore.

1997 : ASEAN Masterworks Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1996 : Three Men Features, Singapore.

1996 :  Taipei International Art Fair, World Trade Center, Taipei, China.

1996 : New Paintings from Burma, The Substation Gallery, Curated, Singapore.

1995 : Omnibus Group Show, Voice Kyoto Gallery, Japan.

Yei Myint (MPP)