Myanmar has strong history of art and cultural inter-relation to Mon, the second major ethnic group in the country. Suvannabumi was a well-known capital of Mon and it was famous for its talented artists and skilled architects.

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12nd – 26th May 2012
Ye Win Aung
“A piece of life”

14th – 28th January 2012
Narongyot Thongyu
“1st solo show”

9th - 23th December 2011
Kyee Myintt Saw
" Soul of night"

27th August - 10th September 2011
Paw Thame
“I am cadmium red, 35 works”

4th - 25th December 2010
Nay Myo Say
"Sketches from Anar"

16th October - 6th November 2010
Pe Nyunt Way
"Bagan drawing"