Myanmar has strong history of art and cultural inter-relation to Mon, the second major ethnic group in the country. Suvannabumi was a well-known capital of Mon and it was famous for its talented artists and skilled architects.

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26th December 2015 - 9th January 2016
Nyo Win Pe
"First solo show"

12th - 25th December 2015
Moe Nyo
"8th Solo Show"

20th December 2014 - 3rd January 2015
Tin Maung oO
“5th solo show”

22th March -5th April 2014
Khin Maung Zaw
“Melody of light”

7th – 21st December 2013
Win Pe Myint (WPM)
“True Inspiration”

15th - 29th June 2013
Aung Myint, San Minn, Yei Myint
“SAY" (Group exhibition)